Kingdom Wealth

The kingdom of God is the wealthy place that people spend their entire lives trying to possess.



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Solomon's Wisdom

Kingdom Wealth

Kingdom WealthThe kingdom of God is the wealthy place that people spend their entire lives trying to possess. God is the one who gives prosperity, and if you want to receive kingdom wealth you must look to the scriptures for wisdom to find the recipe for true wealth.

Updated: January 8, 2012

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Solomon's Wisdom

Kingdom Wealth

by Dorth Dunbar


Kingdom WealthThe kingdom of God is the wealthy place that people spend their entire lives trying to possess. When the Christian story is told, it is kingdom wealth which holds the key to all the wealth needed in this life. The things in this life become valuable when we value our heritage in God’s kingdom. God gives us prosperity and if you want to receive kingdom wealth you must look to the scriptures for wisdom to find the recipe for true wealth. It was the God given decisions which took the patriarchs of faith to the path of lasting victory. God invites you to see His glory though your own eyes. Kingdom Wealth speaks and you can experience it.

The richness of God’s rewards is in His Kingdom. Being rich towards God is still the most valuable wealth to possess. While tangible possessions are good there is much more to be said when it comes to the benefits of being wealthy. If we are to conclude that all good things come from God, thus it follows that riches and wealth must first take place in the spiritual dimension.

The greatest example of Kingdom wealth can be seen in Israel’s King Solomon who was the richest man to ever have lived. But Solomon was not just rich in silver and gold, he was also rich in wisdom and wisdom gives one the ability to acure the wealth of both worlds--the spiritual and the physical. His life gave us one of the best examples of wealth in both dimensions; the heavenly realm and the earthly realm. And he had one of the best applications of wealth because King Solomon understood the need to have a heart that was motivated toward God for he loved the people of God. The repeated pattern of loving God first is true wealth. King Solomon’s testimony documents his wealth. God’s wisdom was King’s Solomon spiritual treasure which provided him with earthly riches.

The kingdom of God has come; His wealth, our godly heritage, is true abundance. Spiritual lack eventually causes one to experience a state of inward bankruptcy, a state of spiritual failure, although one may have a succession of things.

The Apostle Paul explained the value of kingdom wealth, through his experience of earthly lack and earthly fullness Paul knew what it was to have and what it was to be without. Paul was content in both arenas of life because his heart belonged to God, and his faith in God was the true riches that he ascribed to.  He relinquished his earthly status as a Roman citizen, to be a God’s solider in the army of Lord. Paul life was fulfilled in God and not poor toward the kingdom of God.  To be zealous in this life through accomplishments without Christ causes true failure.

Kingdom wealth belongs to God, and it involves the best of both worlds--physical and spiritual. God has made provision for us to obtain this wealth which is obtainable both now and in the hereafter. Kingdom wealth introduces and presents itself through our expectations of God based on our faith in Him and our obedience to His word. We are urged to store up treasures in heaven rather than here on earth. The wealth of God is not just about money and things. Kingdom wealth is about total prosperity of mind, body and spirit. Being diligent in the things of God will help us to distinguish God’s timing so that we are wealthy in every season of life. 

Jesus' explanation of the parable of the ten virgins is a demonstration and a great visual picture of kingdom wealth. In this parable the five foolish virgins paid an incredible price because they were poor toward God. The five wise virgins had true wealth, having the key element needed for obtaining kingdom wealth, which is faith in and obedience to God.

The end of the story closes with two different outcomes, the five foolish virgins and the five wise virgins; five were ready to go in to meet the Bridegroom, when he came back for them and the proof that they were ready is in the fact that they kept their lamps filled with oil. This parable allows us to see how important it is to be rich toward God through faith. We may not know exactly what is at the end of our obedience toward God, it may appear to be insignificant but we can be assured it is always for our good.

The foolish virgins were on equal playing ground with the wise virgins in every way with one exception: they were simply not ready to meet the bridegroom because they ran out of oil and therefore they were left behind. 

Kingdom wealth is about obtaining the riches of the Kingdom of God and not the wealth that the world has to offer. God is Spirit and His kingdom is also of the spirit realm. Let us therefore focus on stockpiling wealth that will endure throughout eternity. Only kingdom wealth will help you enter the kingdom of God. Keep your lamps filled with oil for no one knows when the bridegroom will come for his bride.

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